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In the past the word "technique" in flamenco reminded me of "coldness" or "lack of emotions". But by time I've started to understand that this is not the case.
I believe we may look "cold" in flamenco if we are "thinking" rather than "feeling" while we are performing. And this has nothing to do with our technical level.
My knowledge about technique at this moment makes me separate it into two parts:
Improving our technique means making our bodies more flexible, our muscles stronger, our footwork faster, our balance better, etc. The technical work is a physical training, where we look at our body in the mirror and correct it in the way we believe it has to behave.
But there is another aspect which I call "mental". Because it's about our thinking and the effect our "inner voice" has on us. We call that voice our "chatterbox". This chatterbox is CONSTANTLY at work and unfortunately it is, most of the time, telling us negative things about us. While we dance, when we practice, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, it says things like "I look so fat", "I'm too old for flamenco", "my mother was always saying I don't know how to move my body" and thousands of other phrases like that (or should I say millions?). And we are conditioned to listen to our inner voice and make its sayings real. This is how our mind works.
So what I recommend is to be AWARE of this voice and OBSERVE what it is telling you. But don't judge it. Just say "here is my chatterbox again, hello". The most important thing is to observe this voice, be aware of it, because then YOU become the observer and thus you separate yourself from that voice. You are NOT your chatterbox, it is not part of you, it is even not about you. Your inner voice tells you things you've been hearing from your parents, teachers, sybillings, etc in your early childhood. But it only reflects their thoughts and it is not about you at all.
I can assure you that just by being aware of your inner voice and your negative thoughts about yourself in flamenco, you already can improve your dancing, you can let your best come out. 
Let's dance and let's keep our flamenco passion, thus our life passion, ole!!
P.S.: I dedicate this text to my students who complain saying that flamenco is not an art they can practice at home :)
Besos a tod@s and see you soon!